Student Pastor
Chris Brown
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Student Ministry Leader Handbook
  • At FBC Azle, we want to support our Student Ministry Leaders in anyway we possibly can. Here is our Student Ministry Leader Handbook that outlines every detail of Student Ministry at FBC Azle. This will cover everything from the purpose of the Student Ministry to the practical details of how to help lead it effectively.
  • Click the picture to access the Student Ministry Leader Handbook.
Current Series
  • Click the picture to access the teaching guide to the current series.
RightNow Media
  • RightNow Media is a fantastic resource for Small Group. You can use this to show teaching videos and then go through discussion questions or you can use it as a training resource for yourself and your lesson preparation.
  • Email Chris Brown at to gain access or click the picture to get more information.
Other Resources
  • Download Youth Ministry
Planning Center Groups
  • We use Planning Center Groups in the Student Ministry to organize and communicate with parents and students.
  • Click the picture to go to the Groups page for the FBC Azle.
  • To learn how to use Planning Center Groups, watch the videos below.
How to Use Planning Center Groups

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